Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday, Petsmart was unusually well staffed and I asked what their best selling dry catfood is.  The answer:  Iams and Science Diet.  

The minute I received this answer, I guessed that I had asked the wrong question.  This is NOT an area of  "cat worshippers".  It is rare that anyone knows what a Siamese is, and, it follows that Abysinnians are "Abby WHATS?" and  my Balinese is a "fluffy Siamese".  This is Dog Country!  (I now go to a 32 year old vet who does know the breeds...and I think he is SO smart!:-)

Oh...Petsmart....I asked about Friskies, and was told "It's like feeding McDonalds.  And, Iams and Science Diet?  Better Foods.  And, what is best?  Yes, all the foods which cause Rudy to vomit.  I asked what  ingredient all these "best" foods might have in common which would cause vomiting....and, I really don't know why I had not thought of this....They are much richer foods!  It's not an allergy at all, but a digestion issue.  And, not only does Rudy have a sensitive digestive system, I think he is sensitive PERIOD.  Now, I understand his diarrhea during and after the move from California. 

Everybody is fine with Iams but I would love to feed a better food. 

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