Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sleeping Cats

This is what the cats look like sleeping in March, 2010.
It's the first thing I see when I wake up and it never fails to make me smile.  My body, however, is less happy, as it has twisted and bent to accommodate my precious a king size bed, yet.  I keep promising myself to insist on space on my own bed, but it just doesn't happen. :-)   At least, not often.

Santino has been here a year now, and is KING.  In spite of constantly asserting himself as Numero Uno, he continues to be adored by all.  He curls up with all three, and Sophie no longer gets him all the time. change.  It's almost a year, and she is less, but still afraid of me, especially when I'm walking toward her and even more so when I lift up a blanket.  I believe her previous owner walked toward her and threw a blanket or large towel over her, grabbing and then dumping her.  She is a really nice cat...never a problem, and it's obvious that she is happy.
She still has trouble believing that she is allowed on the furniture. When she tries a new place, she checks me out carefully, and I have to reassure her that it's o.k.  Yes, I think someone in her previous home hated cats and believed they should not get on the furniture.

Miki now seeks out Santino to curl up with....He has never liked sleeping alone.  My bed, as you probably already know from my photos, seldom gets made up.  There are always cats in it!  I many pictures of sleeping cats can I show you?


  1. Virginia TorschMarch 05, 2010


    I need to send you my picture of 13 Balinese and Javanese cats all sleeping together on my bed!

  2. Oh, please send it and I'll post it!!!!! I have never been into looking at pictures of human children, but can't get enough of cats! To be sure, some human children are very interesting, but ALL cats are, and most dogs, also.

  3. I'd love to see the 14 cats sleeping, too!
    Chaska - I'm really enjoying this. I love animals!