Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who's The Baby?

Miki, from the time he came to live with me, was Zippy's baby.  Though a neutered male, Zippy just loved babies, even sitting with a litter of opossums born under our deck, and he was very happy to get his own kitten. 

Miki has been "lost" since Zippy died,....but, to some extent has adopted me as his "mommy".  He clings.  Rudy has always been independent, but when baby Santino joined us, Rudy made it very clear that HE really was the baby.:-)  It wasn't even so much a matter of least not overtly so. He has never shoved his brothers aside, and mostly does his "baby stuff" when no one is watching.

Santino, the real baby of the family, is doing great, on the other hand.:-)

Miki takes over my lap every time I'm seated.  For the first time in the five years he has been with me, Rudy, too, has become a lap sitter.  And one evening I had all three on my lap!!!  That's at least a combined weight of 26 pounds! How could heaven be so uncomfortable?

But I veered way off here.  Even making allowances for Miki being Siamese, I cannot tell how he is doing.  He bypasses wet food and eats a few bits of the dry.  He mopes, but then he has been mopey for a long time.  When Rudy had 6 extractions last year, he bounced back immediately.  Miki is not a happy camper.

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  1. Virginia TorschMarch 25, 2010


    I hope Micki starts feeling better! Our thought are with him!