Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Kitties Sleeping

Virginia Torsch, my Santino's first Mom, sent me this photo at my request.  Without fail, every time I see Santino duplicated many times over, I go crazy with envy and ask Virginia if I can move in with her and her husband.  (She ignores me.:-) but, many people do.)

The only reason I have only one Balinese is that I was unable to find one.  When I went to find a Siamese in 1990, I got Zippy who did not look like any Siamese I'd ever seen.  Much later I learned that he fit the description given for a Balinese.  He was, by far, the smartest, wisest, and most loving creature I had ever met!  I promised myself that there would ONLY be Balinese kitties in my life.  Each time I had an "opening" for an addition, I searched and searched. in vain.  I took in, one at a time, two Siamese, one Abyssinian, and one stray.   (It's a lot like getting married to Mr. "Good-Enough", actually.)  Then I found poor sick Blue who only lived for two years.  So, Virginia, I am so very happy with Santino and if I can find some Youth Serum, I want several more!  (I do think about their future should I die first.)

By the way, Virginia says that this is HER side of the bed all the cats have chosen.  I think it speaks well of her.:-)  Oh, and I think you chose the color of your bed cover very well.  You were much more practical than I, though.


  1. Virginia TorschMarch 06, 2010

    I do have more kittens available :)

  2. Yes, but would you trade for one of my 3 non-Balinese?

  3. Virginia TorschMarch 07, 2010

    Right now I am overloaded with kitties! But kittens are small and won't take up much space.. I am sure you could fit one in :)

  4. Kittens take up a LOT of space! They somehow manage to be everywhere all at once!:-) And, it would have to be TWO kittens as, thanks to my friend, Louise, I've discovered an even number works much, much better. You are trying to make me a crazy cat lady, aren't you?

  5. Virginia TorschMarch 07, 2010

    Hey, what's wrong with crazy cat ladies? I think we are very grounded .. thank you very much! :)

  6. No...only a cat hater would call either of us a "crazy cat lady". Unfortunately, there ARE crazy cat ladies. The breeder here in Austin who was responsible for sweet Blue and many others, was a CRAZY cat lady. Sadly, people with animals do become mentally ill like anyone else.