Friday, March 19, 2010

Body Language Expert

It was still dark when the alarm went off.  Confused, I tried remembering what time my flight was....and where was I going?  This is my association with waking up in the dark to the shrill sound of the alarm.  

A shiver of excitement, coupled with a shred of anxiety,  ran through my body before I remembered that I had to get Miki to the vet for his dental work.  I had allowed myself only 15 minutes before we had to leave. I prize sleep above grooming and make-up.  I now realize that I prize it even above making sure my brain is engaged before taking action.

I walked toward Miki, making contact but just barely.  He KNEW. I flashed back to the time my husband had insisted that the cats could "read his mind".  Yes, Jack, you were right!  They are experts at body language.

 First, I tried treats.  This was tricky as I couldn't actually let Miki eat them before anesthesia.  He came and just as quickly ran off again.  I called the vet and reported the state of affairs here.  This was a bit embarrassing as I had begged them to take Miki before anyone else so he would not have to endure the stress of waiting.  

I had put the dry food dishes away and knew he must be hungry. I served breakfast....v e r y casually, and he came...but one look at me sent him scurrying off.  I gave up.  Made coffee and toast.  Fired up the computer.
Much to my surprise, Mike came, hopped on my desk, and lowered his head to eat from my plate.  His concentration was on the cottage cheese, and I was able to grab him.  He yelled loudly for the entire 15 minute drive.


It's now much later, and I just brought Miki home.  He had 6 extractions.  With Stomatitis...having lost Zippy to this illness...I know that we may be in for some rough and expensive times.  

I love my vet.  He answers all my this case they were about the commoness of Stomatitis, which then led into a discussion about the genetic pool in full-bred kitties.  Even though they aren't inbred in the way we usually think of the word, they, in fact, are. I asked him whether marriages should be interracial, then, and he said "absolutely".  (Being 100% Northern European and gluten intolerant, I should have had children with a Chinese!!!:-)

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  1. Virginia TorschMarch 19, 2010


    Our prayers are with you and Micki - hopefully you can keep his stoamtitis under control with steroids and the ocassionally tooth extraction.