Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mystery of the Vanishing Mice

Twenty years of mice....
all vanished!  

Have you noticed how we just have to make up an explanation when items disappear? 
In every house on the planet, something always vanishes into thin air. Most commonly, it is socks and cooking spices...or maybe postage stamps. My guess is every household has their own "specialties".  

Feng Shui practitioners explain this phenomenon by saying that some houses have "holes"...Some houses, like mine, are even built on top of these "holes".  Even some of my walls have these portals to another reality. So now you know where your missing things go, though I have had no success in going there myself. I figured that would be a good place to look for everything that I have been missing.   

I didn't even think about calling the Feng Shui master, a friend of a friend, to hunt for the mice.  I always assumed the mice were under the furniture, like the couch which weighs a ton, for example. My pets have always taken delight in shoving them under things where they can fish for them with their paws, but which are too close to the ground to allow more than a mouse or a paw.  "Tough!" I would say, but then eventually relent and bring home another mouse or two.
Then we had a big to-do here.  We had the carpeting replaced....and so it came to pass that I discovered that the mice had, indeed, vanished!  We only have three small closets which are not carpeted, and therefore untouched by the carpet layers. So I went on a mouse hunt, and though my yield was only five mice, I am pleased.  The rest are either all under the refrigerator or living happily, free from cats, in a different reality.

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