Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kitty Condo Maintenance

Every time I think I'm clever, I fall to earth and discover that it's a "NOT".:-)  When I saw all those lovely large carpet remnants in my garage, I immediately thought the perfect use would be to have my tattered cat condos recovered.  How hard could that be?  And, it was bound to be much less expensive than buying new ones.  

It isn't like the cats were complaining about them.  No, the cats were pleased to have FOUR of them....not all equal in providing perfect perches, but, nevertheless, FOUR.  Even my furry royalty knows that this is royal treatment, and showed their appreciation by constant use.

It was only I who was unhappy with these tattered structures.....not nearly so much their appearance but the fact that their shredding left a constant mess.  The continuous filament nylon carpet....very difficult to pull up a "thread", let alone have the whole thing unravel....would be I thought.

I used Craigslist which in the past has brought me some odd characters, but always gotten the job done for a reasonable price.  I advertised for an experienced carpet layer/ upholsterer yesterday, and within two hours had someone here working in the garage on the first condo.  Several hours of pissing and moaning later, he said it was taking too long and he had to leave.  He had one finished.  Badly finished....though I didn't notice just how badly until after I'd paid him and he was long gone.

Today I decided to make one more attempt, and now there is another man in my garage, repairing the first condo and recovering a second......or so I hope.  But, I swear, after this I quit, and will never try this again.

If I can't afford to buy new ones, I will just live with nasty tattered ones!  The cats don't care. 

P.S.  It is now many hours later.  The kitty condo business has been a real pain in the neck, but it has turned out o.k. Two condos covered with new carpet, and another one repaired and looking good.  Total cost: $125 and lots of aggravation, both of which I will forgot by tomorrow.  It would have cost $360 to replace all three.  Ah....the things I do to save money, just so I can keep buying art supplies! :-)

May need a chiropractor.  Kitties rode the condos to and from the garage.  It was just too cute for me to make them get off.

PPS  I required two visits to the chiropractor, but I am fine now and the kitty furniture looks great!  They passed the catscans, too.

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