Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kitty Love. Kitty Joy

The love my cats show for each other and for me brings joy to my heart!

When Sophie and Santino snuggle together, they look so blissed out ....It's as if they adore how the other feels and smells.  (I, too, like to burrow my face into Santino's silken fluff....but, I don't think he smells so good:-) Hmm...maybe I should buy some dry shampoo?

Miki who appeared to have completely recovered from the dental surgery, took a sudden turn for the worse a few days ago.  In two weeks he had lost an entire pound...some of this water weight, of course.  I've had him to the Vet both Thursday, and again today because he had not responded to the fluids and antibiotic he was given.  This time he received more fluids and an injection of a short acting steroid.  He went straight to the food bowl when he came home and he has been visible...not hiding...ever since.  

In the past, I remember my cats hissing at anyone I brought back from the vet...but not anymore!  Both times I brought Miki home, Santino and Rudy were happy to see him.  Miki got a bath from both his brothers at once.:-)

Oh, and Rudy sits on my lap and my shoulder. Santino has brought peace, love and joy. And, though Sophie is usually in the background, she is a sweet, happy, and playful kitty.  This is where my focus is now, not on the "what if's" regarding Miki.

(Blood work showed evidence of an infection, but his mouth looked good.  I hate the idea of exploratory testing for a cat!  Vet did say he has no idea what he would be looking for, and we've already done TWO blood panels.  Sometimes I really hate being the sole decision maker here.)

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