Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Miki is in the hospital.  His white blood cells (neutrophils, specifically) and temperature were up.  This afternoon his temperature had spiked to 105, but they got it down to normal by 4:30.  He is on IV fluids and antibiotics.
Hopefully, he will respond to this type of antibiotic....If not, it is likely to be FIP.  
From what I read, the Coronavirus can lie idle in the cat's body for several years before mutating.  But, all I know for certain, Miki's condition is very serious, and FIP is an ugly fatal disease.  After looking it up, I understand why the vet suspects it.  Miki's symptoms fit the criteria.

The house is incredibly quiet.  I don't even see the cats.  We are all affected.


  1. Virginia TorschApril 08, 2010


    FIP is hard to diagnose definitively so let us all hope it is not FIP and the fluids and antibiotics will kick in. Our prayers are with you and Miki!

    Virginia and Paul

  2. Miki is still hospitalized. His temperature is jumping around and still spiking as high as 105.
    The dry kind of FIP can't be diagnosed without a tissue sample, i.e. postmortem.

    Xrays are normal, kidney and liver function normal. He was force-fed this evening...but they were not able to get much down him. He's just not responding to the fluids nor antibiotics.

    How long do I allow his suffering?

    I am trying to go about my business as I always do, so as not to upset Miki's family any more than they already are.

    Thank you for your caring note, Virginia