Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cats And Fashion

An artist friend, Susan Jones of Austin, created this silk wedding dress for her 6 ft. tall red-haired spite of the fact that daughter and fiance' were flying to Las Vegas... be married in the Elvis Presley Chapel.

This dress had been in the making for 3 weeks, and the creator who allowed me and a friend to see it before it flew to Vegas in a special trunk. Are you wondering what took so long? What you see as red, gradually getting lighter as your eye travels up the dress, was airbrushed! For this, an airbrush and compressor had to be purchased as well as special airbrush textile paints. The airbrushing was done on the finished dress! (THAT alone would have made me crazy!)

The back of the dress is embellished with handmade flowers and the train consists of layers and layers of silk and tulle......and, guess what?

There are three cats in Susan's household......and I heard myself saying "In my next life, I want to come back as one of your cats." I saw the cats having a wonderful time, while Susan kept up a conversation with them. That was enough to impress me, but then I saw this:

This is "Brownie", who..I was told...was a very rare exotic breed :-), a cute name I unfortunately forgot.
The other kitty is Zipie. (The third cat was a little shyer)

And, what did this cat mom say when she saw two kitties playing in the train of the dress?

She a soft, sweet and melodic voice: "They love the sound the layers make when they jump on the dress." Now....Brownie, don't do that.....Zippie, please get off that." And, she smiled a big beautiful smile...and, I would swear, so did the cats!

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