Monday, April 12, 2010

Mikimoto, July 14, 2002-April 12, 2010

Bags of fluids, 3 different antibiotics, wrapping in wet towels...nothing would keep Miki's fever down, and except very occasionally, he even refused Gerbers's chicken and his favorite tuna juice. The vet could do not more for him, and I could not allow him to suffer any longer.  This morning, before his fatal injection, his temp was up to 105.

Miki was never my cat, but did his best to make do with me after his beloved Zippy died.  I say "made do" only because from that day on, he cried almost every night, the only exceptions being when he fell asleep cuddled tight against the warmth of my body.  When Zippy died, Miki also stopped his routine of bringing me a mouse which he would fetch over and over.  He seldom played, and most often looked depressed.  As crazy as this may sound, I think he lost interest in living.

There will be an autopsy.  Perhaps he can help other kitties this way.  He was a wonderful cat, very loving....He and Santino were always on my bed to wake me every morning.  The house is so quiet.  Not because Miki was noisy, but because his sibs know....They have known all along.


  1. Dear Chaska, Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your Miki. Pets are very special, and are family members. Hoping your good memories will help heal your pain. Always, Barbara

  2. Virginia TorschApril 12, 2010


    I am so sorry... I had great hopes that he was improving and would be back to his old self again. Paul and I are so very sorry for your loss, but take comfort that Miki is now with his friend Zippy and they are probably both chasing butterflies across the Rainbow Bridge.

    When you are ready I will send you another Balinese.


  3. Thank you. I don't understand how this could happen. He came from a breeder I trust, and he received the best of care both before and during his illness. A strictly indoor cat! Perhaps, Blu or Sophie came here carrying the Corona virus, as many cats do. Then when Miki got a steroid shot followed by the dental work, the stress of it could have resulted in the virus mutating. The autopsy will determine if he had FIP.

  4. Dear Chaska...
    My condolences on the loss of your beloved Miki. He's out playing with Zippy in the great beyond...he has to be. Give the other kitties some extra loving as they are hurting, too. Take comfort in knowing you gave Miki a good life & the best care available.
    ...With love from Debbie & Sophie Cat