Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We are recovering from the loss of Miki.  Gradually, but. because I'm paying attention, Santino and Rudy are growing less needy, seeking out each other instead of solely me.  Rudy is visibly more relaxed, and Santino no longer begs for treats constantly.:-)

Unfortunately, even after a year, I do not know Sophie well enough to notice if she is affected at all. Everyone is back to eating a lot and Rudy has gained weight.  I guess him to be between 9 and a half and 10 #, fat for an Abyssinian.  He needs to run around a bit more!  Santino, I'm guessing is between 8 and 8 1/2....probably just right. Prince Fuzzy is shedding terribly with the warmer weather.  I could easily clone several more  from all the tufts of fluff everywhere...oh, and how I wish I COULD!  I am hoping to get a relative!  Three cats is not enough!!!! I promised myself all the animals I wanted during the time I knew that Jack was dying....and, to my surprise, I find that I am also wanting to live in a clean house, do a lot of art, and not trip over litter boxes!  But, FOUR is perfect!!! I would add a dog if there were a man here.:-) 
I miss Miki terribly.  He bossed me more than any of the others.  And, he pressed his body against mine every night when we went to sleep.  In the mornings I had Miki kissing me on one side and Santino on the other.  I catch myself looking for him....and then I remind myself how troubled he was since Zippy died.....and I hope that there really is a Rainbow Bridge and that he is happy.
I long for the day I see Rudy snuggled up with one of his "sibs".  He did occasionally lie down next to Miki.  Both Sophie and Santino would be happy to have him. 

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