Sunday, April 4, 2010


Miki doesn't seem to be in any discomfort, though he has not eaten or taken in any water since last night. He has even refused tuna juice, his absolute favorite thing.  He has not moved from the extra  kitty bed I keep underneath my bed.  Sophie is sitting nearby. Rudy and Santino are arguing.  I am numb....well, almost.

If the vet had even an idea about what to look for...other than what he already checked for...I would have pursued more tests.  I do appreciate that he was honest with me.  Not only do I trust this vet, but Miki was also seen by the senior vet at the clinic.  

Monday morning:
Miki is better this morning!!!  Twice he drank water, and came to breakfast when I called!  I am hopeful and grateful to have reason to be.  I will call the vet to see if there is more that we can do for Miki.


  1. Virginia TorschApril 06, 2010

    What are his symptoms (if any)?

  2. Lack of appetite, lethargic, fever, both white and red cell count is abnormal. Not tender in any part of his body.
    Unless he is remarkably better in the morning, I will take him back to the vet. Will do more bloodwork, checking on his liver, kidney and pancreatic function. (I have had daily contact with the vet.)