Friday, April 9, 2010


Miki is home and awfully glad to be here.  The vet called this morning to say that Miki's temp. was only slightly elevated and that he had his head in the food bowl chowing down!  

We are cautiously optimistic.  I need to give him antibiotics twice a day for two weeks!, which means after the first pilling, I will need to isolate him to a small room...I weighing bathroom against my pristine, cat-freoffice.Oh, he isn't going to be happy about this, and neither will the others. I think the guest bathroom is IT!  At least I stand a chance catching him in there.

So beautiful in this photo, he is scraggly now.  He has tiny bits of litter "glued" to his butt.  Santino says "EUW!", but everyone is happy to see him, nevertheless.


  1. Virginia TorschApril 11, 2010

    So happy to hear that Micki is better now..hope he continues to heal. I was dealing with six sick kittens myself over the weekend - same stomach virus that it sounds like Miki had. But they are all eating now! Yea!


  2. Oh, Virginia, Miki has not had any intestinal symptoms whatsoever. I'm glad your kittens are well!