Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh, The Cuteness!

I don't think any human baby, and certainly not cats, were ever photographed as often as my crew!  But, they are just so cute, and I am having fun with it.:-)

Have you any idea how difficult it is for me to keep my hands off Sophie?  No, she still won't allow me that close.  I don't know what will happen if I need to get her to the vet.  It's good that she doesn't sharpen her claws on the furniture, though, since I can't clip them.  (Last night she rubbed herself against Miki.  He wasn't sure what was going on!:-)

Santino loves to sling one of his paws casually across or the boys, doesn't matter. 
I had just ruffled his fur...which he loves....He is winter fluffy!   I would have brushed him, but he doesn't like that.  I call him "Prince Fluffy". :-)

Shortly after my ruffling his fur, he rolled over.....and over.

And here we are, all calm and collected again.  

There have been several men over (doing a bathroom facelift).  Santino has been right there with the other two boys supervising their work!!!  They have spoken Spanish with him.  I didn't even know Santino knew Spanish! :-)

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  1. Virginia TorschFebruary 02, 2010

    Well he certainly didn't learn Spanish in our household! I think cats are telepathic and understand the universal vibration behind the words regardless of the actual language!