Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going Higher

Rudy tried to convince me that he could not get down.  I knew better.  Surely he doesn't remember that I went and got a ladder when he was a kitten? 

Only Miki and Rudy visit this high perch occasionally.  Santino looks and looks, but has not figured out how to do this.  Neither did Blue. 
And, I really can appreciate a non-climbing cat!  

Zippy, also a Balinese, taught both Miki and Rudy.  All three have walked the 9 foot high drapery rods....which I'm grateful to say...they have stopped doing. The fact that I've learned to remove any possible furniture from which they can launch themselves....and, now that they are older, things like ceiling fans have lost their interest...has helped! 

You'd think an old lady who has raised 4 human children....several of which seemed to have a death wish....would not bat an eye if her 4 cats swung from the ceiling fans....I have no chandeliers.....but, no...I am ever vigilant.:-)

But, what I really wanted to write about and short of cooking for my cats, since Rudy cannot tolerate any of the "good" manufactured dry foods.....what do I give them????? 

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