Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Miki!

Miki is 6 today....I got him when Jack was in the nursing home, although I did take Miki to visit, putting him on Jack's bed. Jack pretended to be interested and Miki, in his infinite wisdom, held still while Jack's heavy hand lay on him.

Miki entered my household spitting and hissing. I named him Dragon-Nail, but quickly changed it to "Mikimoto" for the precious pearls. Zippy, my Balinese, wrapped his large paws around little Miki, saying "ah...at last, MY kitten!"

They were inseperable, and then Zippy died..at 17, and Miki has not fully recovered. It's been two years, but he still looks for and calls for him. I've tried everything I could think of, including energy work and Bach flower stress remedy.


  1. Virginia TorschJuly 14, 2009

    Try playing him Nights in White Satin .. I just did this with my dog who is dying from renal failure - big energy rush - Reiki chanelling into his body - I will let you know if it made a difference

  2. He had to settle for my singing it to him.