Wednesday, July 15, 2009

trio of beggars

Jake is on the left, Cappy is in the middle and that is little Leroy when he was a wee kitten. They were all begging for food.(Which they did not get!)


  1. Goodness! Such a sweet trio! How could you NOT feed them?
    Re the earlier px, Elsa's sister, Legs, would have been sprrawled on top of the screen and sometimes would try to follow my (very slow) typing, then go back to sleep.
    Thanks for the memories.
    me and elsa

  2. Were they mine, they would have gotten food! :-)
    I am a very permissive mother.

    Have always had slim body-types here, but now there's Sophie and she can no longer jump up she's so fat. She does not appear to eat much, but she is first at the food bowls.