Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's a Birthday!

As you can see the birthday leis did not go over real big, even though I told them how handsome they looked. How am I ever going to get birthday hats on them? (It's a good thing there were treats, as well!)

At 7 months, Santino is a very handsome, sweet, but incredibly spoiled boy, entirely without manners. It's not his fault. Today, he landed on my face with all fours. Fortunately, his claws were not out. I love his exuberance, but wish he'd only pounce on Sophie who doesn't mind.

He has completed Bedmaking II, and will be starting on III which is when he allows me to tuck the sheets IN while he runs around in them. Maybe by his next birthday.......:-)


  1. Very cute. They probably feel they are handsome enough without the birthday hats!!

    I don't think any of my seven would let me put anything on them, I will have to give it a try.:)

  2. Virginia TorschJuly 03, 2009

    Happy Birthday Santino!!! You look so handsome in your lei!