Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Plume!

Santino just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Seemingly overnight, his tail grew into a typical Balinese kitty's plume.

The story goes that it is because the breed got it's name because it carries its plumed tail upward where it waves gracefully, reminiscent of a Balinese dancer.


  1. Virginia TorschJuly 25, 2009

    They are so cute walking around with their tails up in the air! Why some cats do that and others walk around with their tails down? Does a tail in the air mean something? Wish I knew cat tail speak!


  2. Tail up means "happy", "frisky", "playful", I have read. But, the tail being carried up by Balinese cats is a breed characteristic. I think a Balinese who carries its tail down is fearful or not feeling well.....Why else would it not want to "strut it's stuff"?