Friday, July 31, 2009

Putty in Their Paws

A lot of this is funny. Of course we wipe out cats' butts! We don't want them smearing it all over the house!!!! Besides which, who could possibly blame them for not wanting to use their normal method of bathing?

Cats are toddlers in fur coats....and, as such they are easy care. Personally, MY cats are very affectionate! Why, Rudy french kisses me every chance he gets. Just so you know, I did not write the below!

Why we do what cats want? Cats are skimpy with affection, territorial and do a lot of taking and without much giving. So why do we put up with them? A pair of studies says we may not have a choice.

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  1. Virginia TorschAugust 01, 2009

    Hmmm ... so this is why I ended with 17 cats around the house? My husbdand and I are total slaves to them!!! But it's nice to know we never had a chance!!!