Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Animal Communication

This is Chocolate Point Balinese Santino, after whom I named my little boy Santino. Balinese are small cats...usually 7 to 8 pounds, but Santino Sr. is from Sweden where they like a lot of cat. He is 10 pounds, I was delighted to hear. More of a good thing is simply wonderful! I expect my Santino will reach 9 pounds.:-)

I tuned into Val Heart's teleseminar on Animal Communication. (Unfortunately, she is now limiting her practice to horses and dogs, or I would use her to talk to Santino about his trip here, and to Sophie about her trust issues. ) Though I continue to remain skeptical, I am most interested. I would LOVE to take the 10 hour ++ course in Animal Communication, but I can't spend the $499! It's fascinating stuff! Everything the animal expresses is an effort to communicate with us. Animals are spiritual beings with their own valid viewpoints. Are we willing to open our minds and willing to hear them? Animals live in a feeling world. They are not busy mentally like we are. They feel what we feel....they mirror us. (Makes me wonder about peeing problems of the past! I'm so glad that Rudy stops at merely making motions to cover up food that he doesn't like, and that I get it, and he doesn't need to take another step to making me understand!)

I now wish I had taken the time and effort to fly up to get Santino, spending a couple of days with him before traveling with him in the cabin. He must have been so very scared! I was not thinking!!! Taken from his home with his human mom and dad, adoring cat mom and lots of little relatives and put on a noise plane with strangers. Cruel, I now think. Oh, and Sophie.....She is still a bit scared of me, but I sense her love for me so clearly. I'm thinking it's not my imagination. It's in the way she looks at me....and, in how she treats precious Santino. Someday, she, too, will be nestled against my head when I sleep.


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