Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kitty Dynamics

This cat tower is a major activity center. The two kittens have claimed it for themselves. Sophie captured it from Rudy, but
she did not argue with Santino when he claimed it for his own.
So far it's looking like he intends to be top cat here.:-)

Sophie and Santino always wind up together. Only when Santinoto lies on top of Sophie,does she move. She is such an easy-going cat. She never swats anyone.

My friend, Louise, was right. Four is a better number than three. The two young ones have bonded, and the older two are much happier not being bothered too much by either kitten. They are very tolerant and kind, but draw the line at being pounced on, sat one, or the like. And, for the first time ever, I have witnessed Rudy and Miki grooming each other!

They share me fairly well during the night, lining up in a kitty train along my side. There is jostling for position, though, and none of us sleep until the older two just give up and let Santino have my shoulder and face. Next comes either Miki or Rudy...whichever arrives first to claim the spot below Santino, and at the foot of the bed is Sophie. Santino sleeps curled into me, but Rudy and Miki stretch out full length. When I shift, the jokeying for position starts all over. I think I just figured out why I wake up tired, duh.

Santino was diagnosed with "gastroenteritis" yesterday, and much to my relief, he is better today. I was happy with the vet's approach of starting conservatively while alerting me to the importance of calling him today, and not waiting until Monday. So, Dr. Doogie has passed the second "interview". I liked him even more yesterday....and, today, since Santino is much better.

Oh, by the way....suede cloth is the perfect material as far as I'm concerned! The upholstered chair which was covered with a volume of liquid vomit, dried without a mark on it. All I did was blot it with paper towels. Sometimes, cleaning fluids or water leave a worse stain, and I'm so glad I waited. Yes, I am a cat-lady, but I don't want my house to look like a cat-house. LOL

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