Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is My Cat Weird?

O.K., o.k......all cats, just like people.....are a bit strange which, in my mind, makes them all the more lovable....depending, of course, on the nature of the strangeness. (I'll spare you examples, as I am certain you can think of plenty yourself.)

Santino just went ape over my vegetarian lasagna. He loves it.
Is my cat a vegetarian? Should I allow him to have this as a snack, or do I have to shut myself in a closet in order to eat it undisturbed?

Oh, and his favorite toy is a small clay fish which he finds on my art table no matter how well I hide it. I could put the fish into a jar, but now....what kind of fun would that be?


  1. Virginia TorschJune 25, 2009

    I'm not sure lasagna is good for him - he would be barfing all over your pretty sofa!


  2. Fortunately, it smelled better to him than it tasted! Therefore, no throwing up! Today he had his head in my salad. I'm hoping if he learns that my food tastes awful (to him) he will allow me to eat in peace. That sure worked with Miki and Rudy, as they stopped being interested in my food a long time ago.

  3. Virginia TorschJune 26, 2009

    That hasn't worked with me yet especially with chicken which they love! We usually have to lock away the kids when we eat!

  4. My cats would catch on really fast and not allow me to catch them to be locked away. Can't imagine how you manage that with so many!

    The thing is that since I gave up meat, I don't eat anything a "normal" cat would want. However, this morning Santino checked out my coffee. I do put half & half into it. He did not like coffee, much to my relief. I am wondering whether I should augment their cat food by buying them some chicken. Oh, God! Now I AM a crazy cat lady! Pretty soon I'll be looking for good recipes for cats!