Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Barfing Birthday

Santino is 6 months old today. Just like a human baby, he barfed. He was sitting on the back of this livingroom chair, but as soon as I lifted my camera in for the perfect birthday shot, he barfed all over the chair. I watched in mild horror as the barf formed a puddle on the chair seat. By the time I unfroze, it was over, and all I got was him looking at the barf with a puzzled expression.

He had skipped dinner last night and breakfast this his tummy had been upset. He is fine now, however, sweetly cuddled in my lap.

Somebody is always barfing! And, it's always very shortlived, and I never get to the bottom of it, damn it. No hairballs, no stray rubber bands, no pieces of silk plant, nothing.


  1. When Santino visited Dr. Doogie did he get any vaccinations? It could be a mild reaction to those if he did. Don't worry about it. It will pass and probably all ready has.

  2. Virginia TorschJune 04, 2009


    If he continues to barf give him some Pedialyte - my vet recommended a drink called Rain - you find it in the sports section - it restores his electrolyte balance and rehydrates him.


  3. Santino arrived already fully vaccinated, and I do not vaccinate beyond that. (My cats are strictly indoor kitties.) No one around here seems to have intranasal vaccines. Bah! And, Dr. Doogie failed the Bordetella test. Told me there were no cat vaccines on the market. Dorothy, please don't tell John, but sometimes I feel like I am a better vet than these here in Texas...Well, maybe, it's o.k. to tell John. He might expect this of me. Virginia, he has not thrown up again, but is feeling "off" If he isn't 100% tomorrow, I will reschedule his neuter for sometime after Monday. He is a little dehydrated. If I can't rehydrate him myself, I will take him in tomorrow afternoon. In the "olden" days we treated our pets differently and they were healthier. The foods are crap. Preservatives toxic. Our own aren't much better. I sound like an old crank, don't I?

    The chair (upholstered in suede cloth...a magic material) is as if nothing ever happened to it....and, all I did was blot.

  4. There are no cat bordetella vaccines on the market. There are ones available for dogs, both injectable and intranasal. John says now that there is published data showing that the injectables give a better response. So we have gone back to the needle.
    We reccommend pedialyte. Many of the sport drinks have too much sugar or caffeine. You have to compare labels. You do have to have some sugar to make it palatable.