Saturday, June 26, 2010

All Is Well

My grand-cats, Princess and Buster.....13 yrs old by my calculations, 16 by their Mama's.:-) I have known them since they were fuzzy babies. Both have been wonderful companions to my grandson; Princess adores him. Buster is a little on the grumpy side.

Princess got me to feed her OFTEN. She is bones and fur. I'm afraid I told her Mama that part of being "present" is paying close attention and giving needed care to all living beings, beginning with your own.

It wasn't that she wasn't being fed at all. However, she is alarmingly thin.

I took this photo of Buster last year right before Nate's birthday party. People who claim that cats don't show expression have never actually looked at a cat.

When I returned home, everything was normal. The only kitty who is very dependent is Rudy, but he's been nice to his companions. Perhaps, chilling out in my bedroom made him appreciate them again....Or, perhaps, he thought it his job to keep everyone in line in my absence. Issey grew..........................TALLER, that is. Cat-sitter said she had worried that he was not getting enough food. (He eats as much as the other 3 combined!) This, of course, made me flash back to
my concern over grand kitty Princess.:-)

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  1. I thought I'd better add that even though Issey eats as if he hasn't had a meal in a long, long time....he has the body of a lean runner, all hard muscle. He doesn't feel fragile.