Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trouble in Paradise

AC fan motor went out. Cat sitter freaked over cats in 95 degree heat. She could not reach me because, I learned, my cell phone does not let me know of messages left! I need a smarter phone, I guess. Luckily, she called nearby daughter who got an AC repairman out on a Saturday night. It's now 80 with the smaller temporary fan motor....certainly a good temp for my fur kids if not their sitter.

Worse.....she that Rudy has gone kind of berserk, showing extreme jealousy....attacking Santino and Issey. This jealousy was already building a couple of weeks before my trip, but I had it under control by giving him more attention which had calmed him back to his normal self.

I asked the sitter to isolate him to my bedroom, so he could take comfort in my bed and my personal things in the adjoining bathroom. She is to feed him separately in the room, and allow the other 3 the run of the house and the 2nd litter box. I am hoping Rudy won't destroy my bedroom!

THIS I did not expect. I guess I have been lucky (I guess the sitter has been lucky) to not have any problems at all EVER. Five more days........It will either all be alright or burn down...So I might as well dance.:-)

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