Monday, June 14, 2010

Spoil Them!

I'd like to tell you he is in meditation, but would you believe me?

Gentle, fuzzy Santino

Issey, 7 months old, but very wise!

I love this shot because it shows the red of Rudy's front (His tummy is even redder) against his beautifully ticked darker body.

Okey...the photos are just for fun and do not illustrate child...or in this case, cat rearing. Many years ago, we went to quite a few potlucks in our somewhat "hippy" community. I made that assessment by the strange non-meat concoctions as well as the style of hair and dress. I observed what I thought was over permissive child rearing. Besides having rather large children glued to exposed breasts, children were screeching and weaving through the seated adults as they were eating. I was astonished that there was a lot of back-talking and kicking the adults in the shins going on as well.

I had always thought that children had to be taught manners or they would grow into terribly self-centered, obnoxious adults.

Fast forward. I can't speak for all of these children, but I the ones I kept track of, turned into very nice and thoughtful adults!

I have softened over the years, but I still continued to have some opinions about the necessity of setting limits with cats.

Fast forward again! When I visited Virginia and Paul's
peaceful 20 cats I think I remarked on how smoothly everything went. Virginia said that she gave them whatever they wanted!
BINGO! Beings whose needs are not only understood, but MET, have no reason to be other than calm.

I realize my parallels are not foolproof, but I maybe all little beings SHOULD be spoiled!


  1. Virginia TorschJune 16, 2010


    You should add that there are more of them than of us (Paul and me) and therefore it is in our best interests to give them whatever they want to keep them happy!!

  2. You are being funny but it really works! Loving attentive permissiveness works!!! Compare, for example, the parents who put everything precious or dangerous out of reach against those who are constantly shouting "no!" and punishing in the belief they are teaching "manners, or "respect" for things.

    Almost 5 years ago I treated myself to a gorgeous, classy red couch (on sale). We would all have been happier if I'd not been expecting to teach the cats anything at all. They are smart and they CAN learn, but only if they WANT to....same as people. People are more willing to sacrifice their own pleasure for someone else than cats are.