Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Wonderful Family

Issey is a short haired Balinese.
But, if a Balinese is a short haired Siamese...a point which I have always argued as I find their personalities to be different.....then doesn't it follow logically that Issey is a Siamese? :-)

Issey is just as sweet as his appearance.

Issey is so beautiful!

I melt when I see how happy Santino and Issey are together.

Rudy looks evil in this shot, doesn't he? He IS incorrigible, but not evil.

Rudy and Sophie contemplating their navels? Look how small Sophie's ears are! I consider large "fly-away ears normal.:-) Though, just like people, some cats make it challenging to love them much, I LOVE my fur children!

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