Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Precocious Issey

I have trouble believing that Issey is only 5 months old. He is incredibly smart and mature. I keep looking at those cute light gray balls of his and wondering..........

Therefore perhaps you will understand how it is that I had a mini freak-out last night. I was dozing....not quite asleep....when I was startled by an unfamiliar sound. It was Sophie, quiet Sophie who only mutters and trills to her toys. Issey had mounted her. Before I remembered that she is spayed, I had let out a scream and that was that.

Since I had been half asleep....perhaps, even all the way asleep....I don't know whether it was only a simple mugging. :-) I can just imagine Issey laughing at me!

Just the same, as soon as Issey's shot records arrive, I am making an appointment for neutering!


  1. Virginia TorschJune 01, 2010

    Shot records are on their way! And don't worry - Issey is only practicing :):) At least he hasn't tried to mount Santino!! :):)

  2. Virginia TorschJune 09, 2010


    Did you get the shot records yet?

  3. No, I have not received the records. As I am going to CA in a week, his neutering will have to wait until my return. I hope he doesn't mount anyone or anything!:-)