Monday, May 31, 2010

Joy of Kittenhood

This morning when I awakened, only Santino was in bed. I stroked him gently in greeting, then...looking around the room....asked out loud, "And where is little Issey?"

At the same moment I saw Issey running toward me and heard him loudly purring. And, there he was....all over me....expressing his happiness at seeing me at last! Kittens express such joy!

Issey, like all kittens, is on the clumsy side. He smacks into walls, falls off things he tries to climb....And, when I say "Oh, Issey, please be careful. Are you o.k.?" the loud, loud purring starts and whatever just happened is forgotten. (While I try not to worry about it.)

I was still in the magic of this kitten, when I heard a loud crash a few feet away. I have too many tasseled thing around the house......why did I not think to kitten-proof it better? Did Santino not do any of these things? I don't think he did!

Next, Issey jumped up on my studio wall....a perfectly aimed leap, for he smoothly grabbed the pushpin he had aimed for, and ran off with it.....with me right behind him. OMG! I can't outrun a kitten! I stopped, sat on the floor and called him. He brought me the pushpin. Sweet, sweet baby! He is so much fun!

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  1. Virginia TorschMay 31, 2010

    That's my boy!! Spolied rotten and active like a little monkey!!!