Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Family

It's a good thing that Santino is such a sweet kitty, because Issey looks up to him. Of course, then there are the things that Santino would never do....things like get on the kitchen counter or the dining table. Issey also figured out curtain climbing all by himself. He is a smart boy. Oh, how I love having him! I especially love how he flops over onto his back, presenting his belly for rubbing.

Everyone who has seen him asks about his being so thin.....and, of course I tell them he looks exactly how he should look.....Perception is a funny thing....He has never looked thin to me....I assume, because I have seen enough Oriental breeds. I so hope I can keep him lithe and sleek! He has a voracious appetite.

Rudy always arranges himself in a perfect setting and patiently waits until I have finished.....Yes, I tell him "Good job!" and he knows he is done sitting for his portrait. Rudy is having a hard time. Miki used to groom him. Now everyone steers clear of him because they can't understand his muttering and growling.

Santino hanging out with Sophie. Sophie has relaxed. Perhaps, she thought I brought Issey home as a replacement for her? I have promised her that she can stay with me forever.


  1. Such a sweet family!!! The interaction of all of the kids in ur px and descriptions ia fabulous!!! Beauiful cats and gorgeous personalities displayed !!! What a fun household!!!

  2. Thank you for your nice comments. As I read them, it occurred to me that ALL cats (all animals? all people?) are gorgeous if someone only has been given the gift of time and desire to chronicle them....with a loving eye.