Thursday, May 6, 2010

Santino and Issey's Family

Twice a day..breakfast and dinner...this is the scene at Virginia and Paul's house. Actually, the house belongs to the kitties, with Virginia and Paul their devoted servants. Many cat owners say this about their cats, but I have never seen it be more true than in this household! Every cat is treated as an individual, fed the food of his/her preference in the spot of preference!

Some of the kitties like to eat on the table in the sun room, some under the coffee table in the living room, some in the upstairs bedroom...even under the bed....and, as you can see, the rest eat in the kitchen.

I sat on the floor and happily watched. When Virginia said that Santino already was spoiled when he came to me, I assumed she was joking. After all, when there are twenty some cats, how spoiled can any single one of them be?

I couldn't have been more mistaken! These cats get spoiled! I feel a little bit sorry for Santino and Issey. :-)

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