Saturday, May 8, 2010

So Many Beautiful Cats!

I had intended to take photos of individual kitties, but Virginia and Paul's kids are seldom alone...and, alas, they do not pose for the camera....not that I could keep my mind on photography.

Staying with Virginia and Paul and feline family was even better than expected. Even though they were constantly doing something for the cats, they did it patiently, lovingly. Everything proceeded smoothly. Balinese seem to do an excellent job at training their staff. They even had me happily cleaning a few boxes....though I admit, I kept getting distracted.

If you wonder why there are so many cats of various ages, it's because Virginia has trouble parting with them.

From an adopter's viewpoint, I can't imagine a better environment for early upbringing......if you don't mind "spoiled". :-)

These are not kitties who would come to a new household delighted and grateful. Their royal crowns may not immediately be visible to you, and they may or may not be patient in training you, but it's easier if you get it quickly.:-)

Cats are not for people who mind being controlled by fur children! Being soft, gentle and yielding is a requirement, I believe.

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  1. See the pretty sealpoint Siamese? That is Santino's mother, Gypsy Rose. I wanted her desperately....and Virginia was willing, but it felt so wrong to remove her from the home she has loved for 4 years.