Friday, May 7, 2010

Issey Miyake

Today I found a local source for Issey's favorite food "Instinct" chicken by Nature's Way. He was delighted, but then after some hearty eating left it in favor of dry! He did take his first long nap since arriving here after......look. Sophie is still holding out, but allowed him to sleep this close. Perhaps because he knows she is a mama cat, Issey is particularly taken by her.

Issey and Rudy played within the first hour or so of our arrival here. Santino continued to object until yesterday when allowed some rough-housing. Oh, he isn't crazy about being climbed, but he tolerates it. I am loving it! Even being tired from not getting enough sleep, I am grateful to have my four. It doesn't keep me from missing Miki, but it puts my attention on life, not death....and that's a good thing. I do not understand people who insist on a "proper" mourning period. Joy does not negate sorrow. It stands beside it, and gradually wins center stage.

Issey has been everywhere in this house, except under the beds or any of the other furniture. He seems to prefer the little TV room.....oh, and the dining table chairs for sharpening his claws. I could swear the others are watching in amusement as I remove him and take him to the scratching post.

Compared to Santino as a kitten, Issey is a wild kid! Amazingly, there are a couple of things broken that survived even little monkey Rudy. I'm going to be more careful.

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  1. Virginia TorschMay 08, 2010

    Wait until he starts climbing and leaping everywhere!! His mama is a leaper - loves high places - and I think Issey is going to take after her!