Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Baby in the House

Oh, what a night it was. I heard vomiting....gushy vomiting....over and over. It was 12:30 AM, and I'd been asleep only an hour. I am NOT hearing this....I'll clean it up in the morning. Note to self: Watch where you step. (Santino had thrown up before we went to bed, but I could see him and Issey in bed, so I knew it was probably Rudy.)

Issey sounded the wake-up call promptly at 3:30 (His body clock has not made the hour adjustment for Texas. He was accustomed to Virginia getting up at 4:30 and that meant breakfast!) This cruel new Mommy said "Issey, it's too early!" and went back to sleep.....for a long time.

When I opened my eyes it was light. I stepped gingerly to the bathroom. I hate the feeling of vomit squishing between my bare toes. A happy surprise! It was a dream, because all I found was one single long, hair "ball". Rudy must have groomed Santino a lot while I was away.

My relief quickly changed to alarm as I realized that Santino was sick. I reminded myself to not assume the worst....After all, I had survived raising 4 children, and all had survived my raising them! I took his temperature: 102.4, within the high range of 'normal'....and reminded myself that a loose stool is not necessarily 'diarrhea' when it isn't urgent or frequent. However, he isn't eating or drinking....We're o.k. for today, but tomorrow I will take him to the vet tomorrow, Monday. My guess is that Issey's food upset his tummy, or he is stressed from having a new baby in the house.

Last night no one would eat the new food, but they had eaten some when I first brought it home. I was so excited about having located a store that sells it, I opened a can immediately. (Izzy ate with gusto...once....and then didn't want it again, perhaps, because it was cold from being in the refrigerator. Then again he didn't want any from the fresh can this morning, either.

In the meanwhile....though Izzy doesn't necessarily like how his castle is being run, I being a slow learner, he is good with his fellow princes.:-)


  1. Virginia TorschMay 09, 2010


    If you have some pedialyte in the house (or can get some from the store) try giving some to Santino to rest his electrolytes.


  2. Love the photo of Santino and Issey sleeping in the stacked paper try holder next to the computer........priceless!! He and Santino even sleep together-they are really buddies-probably because they are the two youngsters!!! So cute!!!