Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lying Cat- Mom

Everything is back to normal....more or less. I lied this morning.

I took Issey in for his neutering appointment, and when the vet tech said he needed a rabies shot, I said...oh, I did not bring it (proof of vaccination)......but would. I was not about to let them give little Issey a rabies shot!

A few words later....remembering I had a rabies tag which belongs to another kitty who wound up not coming with me to TX....I said I had his rabies tag in the car, thinking that showing it would be the end of the matter. "Oh, great! The vet's phone number is on the tag and we can just call her for the paper!" she chirped.

And, this is why one should never lie. Even if one occasionally practices situational ethics, like saving an indoor, sweet kitten from a rabies shot, there is no such thing as "just one white lie". Lies always lead to others. Now I have to do a stall because today I am dealing with the head vet, the owner of the vet practice. My guess is that he would be all about upholding Texas law, if not income of his business.....and, I will be lying again when I do a stall. I am embarrassed to find myself in this situation. Like how old am I, anyway......13?

What comes next, the flaky blond routine? Or the old confused woman routine?

I'll come clean, but to my regular vet who knows me, but who is on vacation this week. Just look at my sweet baby Issey.......It's bad enough that I have to do this neuter procedure.

Rudy has not growled once since I took Issey, his tension target, to the vet. This afternoon, I am having him checked out. I think his gums are hurting...even though he is eating normally. If he is o.k. physically, I'll get more kitty pheromones.

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  1. Issey Miyaki...they call him by his full name at the vet office....is fine. The issue of a rabies certificate was not brought up again. He was admired by everyone and I just beamed.:-) (As if I'd created him.)

    Rudy's appointment was not so good. He snarled and growled all the way through it. For some unknown reason I was certain that he would not bite, and I convinced the vet, but not the tech.:-) Rudy's stomatitis has flared up and he has a nasty infection. He is on antibiotics, and hopefully in a week he will be in good enough shape to do another dental.

    Rudy also caused a stir with his red coat. Was told they don't see cats like mine too often. I think my vet bill was doubled.