Saturday, July 3, 2010

Poopy Incident

Issey had a weird adventure today, and, I guess, so did I. He hopped up on my computer table and as stroked him my hand hit a damp spot on his tail. I grabbed a paper towel and wiped...feces. None of it on his actual behind.

And, then I saw it. The top of his head was smeared with it. I did a quick towel wipe and then rushed into the bathroom with him. There was no time to wait for the slowest faucet in the world outside of Peru to deliver warm water. He was struggling, and unlike other cats, he has a tiny, delicate scruff, very short hair....nothing much to hold onto.

First, I leave him for a week, then I take him to the vet for neutering, and now I do THIS to him. I used what was closest, the soap I use to wash my face. Holding Issey with one hand, soaping and wiping with a washcloth (mine, of course) in the other hand, I used my elbow to keep Santino and Rudy away. They were protesting loudly what I was doing to Santino.....or, perhaps, they were cheering, not sure. I did not have a container nearby or I could have used that to rinse his head. I stuck poor Issey's head under the faucet and managed to give him a fair rinse. Used my face towel to dry for a few seconds, and then he was gone. He sat under the bench in my bedroom looking stunned. He made no attempt to shake the water off....nothing. I felt terrible.

But, he did not hold a grudge. An hour later, he had forgiven me. Of course, I would love to know how this happened...Then again, I'm almost afraid to.
I have cleaned up enough poop in my life that it does not gag me, but I do have full respect for the bacteria it harbors.

Rudy is feeling better, but is avoiding chewing and not wanting the other kitties to come very close. I am hoping he will be sufficiently infection free to do the dental this coming week.

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