Thursday, July 8, 2010

Missing Cats

Thank God, it's only photos which are mising and not cats!

This is Santino's relative (same fathers, Santino Sr.), Velcro. He was one of the candidates to come live with us, but he wasn't all that crazy about me. I would also have had some difficulty lugging his 10# plus sweetness through airports.

I have many photos of Virginia and Paul's fabulous cats to share, only I can't find them! When I worked with them in creating the cat scrapbook, I apparently allowed the files to go under something other than "photos". I'm sure I will locate them, yet!
I pray I might learn patience from Sophie...the most patient kitty I have ever known. She is not, however, quite as patient with Issey as she was with Santino when he was little. Still, she is very sweet and very kind. I think Issey may be a bit naughtier than Santino ever was.:-) and as a full grown cat now, Sophie may not be as easily amused by kitten antics.

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  1. Virginia TorschJuly 09, 2010

    Chaska - I can always take more photos!!