Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Subtle Changes

This black chair in my studio is always occupied and I happily give up the chair if this will keep them traipsing through the stuff on my work table. Issey has a bead fetish. He wants them ALL. He has learned that he is not to touch the strings of beads, so he sneaks them. He's got them off the table and on the floor by the time I notice. And, I know how spoiled he is when I catch myself thinking "Oh, he is SO cute!"

Sometimes changes in cats (and people, too, I think) are so subtle that one can't be certain......But, now I know that Santino was upset about Miki. He is now back to the Santino of old. He is the most affectionate kitty I have ever had. And...lucky me...He loves to be held. He is the only one who does. I hold him with one hand, snuggled to my chest, while I stroke him with my other hand. Bliss! He also lays himself over my shoulder like a baby. More bliss! And, then there are the head butts and nose kisses! I am very lucky.

Sophie has lost a bit of weight, although it doesn't show in this pose. Come to think of it, maybe it's only her winter coat she has lost.

The best sculptor couldn't do any better!

Rudy is coming along, but he is not the same kitty. The changes are subtle. Perhaps, it's too soon after his surgery....yes, only the 4 incisors are have his joy back.


  1. Virginia TorschJuly 15, 2010

    Such beautiful kitties!! Santino looks more like his daddy every day!

  2. Last night as I was writing this post, it occurred to me that I may sound quite obnoxious in my I appreciate knowing that there is at least one person in the world who is in complete agreement with me: My cats are beautiful! :-) Your comment is appreciated, Virginia.

  3. Virginia TorschJuly 15, 2010

    Just be careful that Issey doesn't accidentally ingest the beads... one bead might pass okay but a string of beads could do major damage internally.

  4. Yes, I am aware of this. Luckily, he seems to have no interest in my art table unless I am there working. Sometimes I think it's really ME that he is "playing with.:-) I do try to keep things well covered, but he can find what he wants anyway. A naughty, very bright kitten!