Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Servitude

This morning I came into the kitchen followed by Issey singing at the top of his voice. "Ah, are we practicing our beautiful voice this morning?" I asked as I put fresh crunchies into the kitty dishes. I petted him over and over and over, but he did not stop "singing".

Santino came in and joined in. The duet was not as pleasurable....or, maybe I, still without my coffee, was simply getting irritated. And, then I got it!

They were insisting on wet food! I have been putting down a dish of wet food when toothless Rudy gets up. This morning, Issey spearheaded the change. No waiting on Rudy. (Sure enough, Rudy appeared when I was opening the can.)

I think the test of a cat's intelligence is how well he can train Mom to serve him amicably, quickly, and completely to his satisfaction.

Rudy trained me to give him water the way HE wanted a drink years ago. It didn't take long before I came to dislike what I had previously considered cute.

I solved the issue by buying a cat fountain and thereafter playing dumb when he would ask me to turn on the faucet.

But, I wasn't vigilant enough. The Red Prince wins. I have been showering him with loving attention since I came back from California, found him in pain, and most especially after his dental surgery. My return to servitude to his highness came about so naturally that I was not aware of it until I saw this photo I had taken!


  1. Is he actually drinking the water? or, does the cooler, running water feel good on his still tender gums? Or ... is he taking advantage of your tender heart?

  2. For the past close to 5 years Rudy has ONLY drunk water from a running stream. He learned to do that from the painter who was here for two weeks when we first moved in.

    I will do anything but stand on my head (which I really am not able to do) to keep the kitties hydrated, but now that I've realized that Rudy is training me, it's the fountain again from now on! It has a charcoal filter, much better for him!