Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Smart Are They REALLY?

Only a couple of days ago I was telling a friend how extraordinarily smart my cats are, especially Issey whose bloodlines, I was certain, should have been passed on, and, perhaps, a terrible injustice, if not crime, had been committed by having had him neutered.

I still remember how my children never failed to prove me wrong after I had bragged on them! I am also aware of how I have been punished by the Universe when I have bragged about myself! Apparently, things work the same way with fur kids.

Today I came home in a rental car. I entered the house through the garage and cried out "Hi, kids!" the way I always do. Rudy backed off a few feet, but Issey and Santino bolted in the opposite direction. Even when I opened their food cans, I had to coax them out. Did I smell like the tow truck in which I had ridden?.....picked up bad juju from the body shop or the rental car place? No......They didn't recognize the car and weren't about to be tricked by some stranger pretending to be ME!

And, of course, we all know how smart I am attempting to figure out what cats think!

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