Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

They sleep and sleep and sleep. And then, sometimes, I wish they did! But, I am only joking because I find everything my cats do fascinating. And, THAT is what makes me a crazy cat lady, not the (measly small) number of cats I have.

In order to choose a mix of beads to create a custom necklace, I needed to lay them out. No sooner had I done that, when Issey appeared to critique the project. I think he's taking his name a little bit too seriously.

He was intent on one particular string of small blue beads, and no matter how I mixed it up in the bunch of others, and no matter how many strands that I did not intend to use and shoved near him, he searched and found his favorite once again. He finally picked it up and ran away with it. Unfortunately, he has hidden it! Do you think he is telling me those small blue beads don't belong in the necklace?


  1. Virginia TorschJuly 05, 2010

    I think he is trying to tell you he wants those beads for himself for a beautiful collar!!

  2. I would so love to make him a collar, but I don't think it would be safe for him to have one. (Still have not found the beads, so have had to proceed with the necklace without them.)