Sunday, July 18, 2010

Imagining Things?

My two Balinese say "Oh, wow, wow, wow!" very clearly when I give them chicken. Oh...not just any kind of chicken, of course! Here is the recipe:

1 oven cooking bag (which you will put in a bakng dish
1 whole Organic baking chicken...4#- 5#
1 large beet, cut in halves
coarse salt, black pepper, and Herb Provance mixed spices

Remove all the icky parts...giblets, fat...and throw away
Rinse chicken under cold water and dry with paper towels
Place in cooking bag
Rub liberally with all the spices
Add the washed beet halves
Close bag and bake at 400 degrees.....Wait an hour and a half and it's done!

The cats will be going crazy from the aroma! See if you can get them to do any work before dinner.....while the chicken cools. (I have not yet succeeded with this. ) The beet and your favorite parts of the chicken are for you.....The rest is for the cats.

Wait until cool enough, but still warm.....Hand down only one piece to each and you will hear a very clearly said "Oh wow, wow, wow!"
It may, of course, be only a Balinese trait!

This is Rudy's "The Look". It works! I put a portion of wet food in his own dish and deliver it to him on his high perch where he can eat it in peace.

My FaceBook friends did not see "The Look" at all in the same way! Does he really not look depressed?


  1. Virginia TorschJuly 19, 2010

    Sounds yummy!! I would say Oh Wow too!

    Balinese seem to love chicken! My guys riot when I bring out the deli chicken as a treat!

  2. are mistaking yourself for a cat!
    If YOU were to say "oh, wow, wow, wow" I would so not be impressed...though it definitely would make me giggle.

    My kitties love all kinds of chicken but it's only lukewarm oven baked which gives them appreciative human speech. So, now you have what was previously my 'secret' recipe.