Saturday, July 10, 2010


Though Rudy is looking a bit pensive here but he is doing great. He had his dental yesterday and gave up more of his teeth. He must have lost a few on his own because his dental chart now shows only the incisors remaining. I will check when his mouth is no longer sore.

I took in a growling kitty early yesterday morning. Had "words" with the dental tech who insisted the dental could not, and would not be done without a rabies shot. (Just because Rudy was growling, I'll bet!:-) I told him I would take Rudy back to our former vet, but first I wanted to speak to Dr. Whitehill (our present vet, and the tech's boss). For 15 minutes I stroked growling Rudy while I was kept waiting. Through the small window in the door to the hospital, I could see and hear Dr. Whitehill in conversation with another vet. The tech never asked him.....but came back to tell me "fine....Dr. W. said we'll do it.". I do NOT like lying.

What an arrogant young man! It was later in the day when I picked Rudy up and saw Dr. W. that I found out that it's this particular vet tech that administers the anesthesia! Dr. W. said he would have been fired if he did not excel at anesthesia. At t least I understood that the tech was scared! I mean what kind of a crazy person while petting her 10#plus growling, hissing cat says....oh, he won't bite!? Still, I would not want to deal with this tech if Rudy DID bite! I mean, I wanted to bite him myself....Rudy might do it FOR me.

Rudy was visibly happy to see me! He rubbed against the front of the carrier, and kissed my hands. He has not uttered one single growl!!! No, not even when Issey attempted to shove him from the food dish. Not when Santino smelled his butt. Poor Rudy! He was in pain much too long.

I was instructed to feed 1/4 of his usual amount of water and wet food last night, but Rudy made a b-line for the dry food immediately and started inhaling it. I grabbed it from him and barely managed to put wet food down when that was gone! I looked on in amazement and did not have the heart to take it away. Instead of eating 1/4, he ate 4 times his normal amount. He kept it all down, and slept better than a baby.

This morning, it took me 2 hours to convince him that I had no evil intent....Yes, he reads my body language! TWO full hours! Wrestling him into position, took 30 seconds, and squirting the pain medication into his mouth 3 seconds...if that long. The second dose tonight will be harder.

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