Thursday, May 28, 2009

dogs and cat - oh my!

Okay, I know there are dogs in this picture but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap this yesterday. Over the long Memorial day week-end I took home the rug from the bottom of the crate and the two brown pillows that lay in front of the crate. They were in serious need of a washing. Anyway, I put them back when we returned. The dogs seemed happy to have clean bedding. That is Jake in the box and the beagle is named Cappy. I was working on the computer which means my back is to this scence. I just happened to turn around and see Leroy asleep on the little pillow next to Cappy.


  1. Lovely picture. Beautiful harmony. That Leroy is SUCH a social critter! Do those guys always get along?

  2. Whenever I have had a dog along with my usual cats, they have adored each other. Animals are so good at acceptance!

  3. Yes Weezie, they all do get along.
    Occassionaly Leroy may box a dog's nose that gets too inquiring.