Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leroy - pain in the butt

Leroy's latest trick is to be a pain in the butt when ever you try to do something at the counter. Here my DH was trying to read one of his journals and Leroy wouldn't have it.
This morning we had a client standing where DH is in the photo and Leroy laid down on the client's checkbook not allowing him to write out the check. Leroy demanded to be petted and his belly scratched. After which the client was then allowed to finish writing the check. Good thing the client was a cat person as he understood Leroy's demands.


  1. Leroy sure knows how to do "cute" well! Obviously, he enjoys his life to the fullest. I wonder if we humans did this trick...well, something similar....would we get our needs met more often? But, no...We are much too self-conscious! You've got to hand it to cats!

  2. Hi ... Elsa here ... eleven-year-old tabby .. speaking for myself, again ...
    WOW! Leroy, you are a hunk! I am a bit on the chunky side myself, but, very cute. Lotsa pictures around here of me, but big mama is not at all computer literate. I do what i can during the nite ... pls excuse all the duplicates ... my fault ...
    more later ... mama needs the 'puter ...
    love to all you gorgeous cats. you are all very special!
    licks, elssa