Friday, May 29, 2009

Extraordinary People

Sophie and Santino are allowing Rudy to join them for their dinner snack. Occasionally there are four heads in the dish!

I love peace, cannot tolerate fighting, and so have the expectation that the pets with whom I share my home be peaceful. My kitties have always wanted to please me. Happy co-incident? I don't think so. Cats are no less appreciate than dogs....and, often, more so than humans. Or, perhaps, cats are particularly susceptible to picking up energy. Peace permeates my home. I would think it's my imagination, but almost everyone who comes in my home remarks on it. I accept that gratefully as a lovely compliment. I have worked for it.....I continue to work for it.

Monday I am taking Santino to meet and interview a vet recommended by a neighbor. I need to check on how this vet handles him before making an appointment with him for a neuter. I want no less in a vet than I did from a pediatrician. Does he/she appreciate the precious life I am entrusting him/her with? It isn't that I don't care as much about my other fur children. It's just that there is something about a Balinese that is so much like a human baby that the bond and the fierce need to protect is particularly strong. The vet who had Blu will not have Santino! I cannot overlook the fact that he treated Blu as a "just a cat" and not the extraordinary creature he was.

My cats are extraordinary people. LOL


  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2009

    Hi Chaska..yes I too believe cats are very in tune with their I said before they are healing and they do pick up your our old house ..people always felt the peace and love in the air...even the lady that lives there now said she can feel it and noticed right away the special energy we had created...cats are definately a part of that.... hugs Alyce

  2. oooo send the brown kitty my way, he's so pretty. I wish 2 of my kids weren't allergic but they are.