Monday, May 11, 2009

Play and Sleep

Santino now has learned to pounce only on Sophie who is always ready to play. In the evening just before going to bed we have a good twenty minute play-time with interactive toys, with me waving one in each hand. It takes really paying close attention to keep from having mid-air collisions! Everything was going well, with the older cats deferring to Santino, until I got Da Bird! Sophie, who previously took turns, is so crazy about it that she is suddenly quicker and faster than anyone else. Miki usually just watches, but last night he chased Rudy around happily. I don't know what to do about Da Bird. It's great toy for a single cat household!
When Santino sleeps, he usually chooses which ever room I am in, but even though he appears fast asleep, when I leave the room, he is right behind me. Not so, with this new soft couch throw. It is so soft it must feel just like a Balinese mom. It was a good purchase. I love wrapping up in "Balinese mom", too when watching a video. :-)

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  1. What great photos! Loved the pouncing one.