Saturday, May 9, 2009

Family Dynamics

Sophie plays all the time now....mostly with Santino. She must be pretty gentle as she's never made him scream. Miki watches all this in seeming disapproval, but neither does he leave the room.

Santino taking "time out" from play in the bedroom. It's their favorite room for play and for least during the day. At night, only Santino sleeps with me. The other three I have to shut out of my bedroom ....It's the only way I get any rest.
It's odd that Santino keeps his tail bent when sitting down, even though there is no kink in his tail.

I keep the blind up on one of the bedroom windows and Sophie can sit there for hours looking out. Sometimes she stalks bugs that only she can see, and has slammed into the window, forgetting that she was separated by glass.

Miki in his typical suffering pose....notice the ears pulled all the silliness is going on around him. Miki was my much older cat, Zippy's, kitten, and spent much time wrapped in Zippy's paws as Zippy aged. Unfortunately, losing him, left an empty spot in Miki's heart and no matter what I have tried, I have not been able to change that.

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